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Angola flagRepublic of Angola is South African seventh largest country in Africa. It is located between Namibia, Congo, Zambia and Atlantic ocean. Population of Angola is 24.4 million (2016 est.) Luanda is capital and largest city and Portuguese is national language.

Health system is facing crisis as Angola has one of the lowest life expectancy and highest infant mortality rate. Since 2002 Civil war, millions of people are lacking basic health care till now. Angola needs thousands of doctors.

Here are some basic health statistics and life expectancy of Angola.

Undergraduate Medical Education

The College of Medicine has duration of six years and is structured in three cycles:

  • The basic cycle (first and second years of the course)
  • The clinical cycle (third to fifth year of the course), and
  • Internship (sixth year).

Also in the year of internship, students prepare and present to a jury, a thesis/project


Though there isn’t any medical residency in angola training structure in Angola. But most of the postgraduate education or training are conducted by universities. 


Licence is basically registration certificate with Order of Physician of Angola (Ordem dos medicos de angola)


Foreign medical graduates can apply for registration to work in Angola if they submit all required documents mentions below in Documentation Section. But they would still need to know sufficient Portuguese in order to deal with patients and documentations in hospitals


Foreign medical graduates can work in Angola after registration from Order of Physicians of Angola by presenting documents mentioned below in documentation section


Currently there is no examination for foreign medical graduates to enter into university or to work in Angola as doctors


Complete list of documents required for registration with Order of Physicians of Angola for both Angolan and foreign medical graduates.

Foreign Residents:Angola docs required for register.

  1. Passport
  2. Consular Registration on legal representation of the country of nationality
  3. Permanent residence permit issued by the competent authorities in Angola
  4. Two year of work experience in home country or abroad as doctor
  5. Certificate of good standing from home country (issued by health regulatory authority)
  6. Diploma or Certificate of Degree (basic medical qualification)
  7. Certificate of recognition or equivalency diploma or certificate degree from the University Agostinho Neto
  8. Criminal record certificate
  9. Medical certificate stating physical and mental fitness for professional practice
  10. Completed registration application form.
  11. Petition addressed to the Chairman of the Medical Association , requesting registration.
  12. Three passport size photographs.
  13. curriculum program if admitted in residency training in a university in Angola.





Postgraduate Medical Education

Postgraduate medical education options are limited in Angola  few government and private institutes offer postgraduate courses.

Faculty of Medicine of UAN (University of Agostinho Neto) offers 3 masters course

  • -Master in Medical Education.
  • -Master of Public Health.
  • -Master in Physiology, Fisiartria and Sports Medicine.

The Faculty of Medicine of UAN holds 2 courses Specialization in Public Health:

  • – Management Course in Health-option: Hospital Administration.
  • – Course Masters Degree in Public Health.


Angola ministry of health

University of Agostinho Neto

Order of Physicians of Angola

23 thoughts on “Angola

  1. dr mansoor

    I am MD from Russia..registerd medical practionor in my homeland Pakistan..I want to work in angola..kindly guide me in this regard

    1. junaidjaf Post author

      Sir, there is detailed information already on Angola post. You should have knowledge of Portuguese apart from your MD degree, PMDC certificate/registration and good standing certificate from PMDC. and you will need equivalence certificate from University Agostinho Neto (which I am sure they will provide you) for more information contact Order of Physician of Angola at (it is like Pakistan’s PMDC ) which will guide u further if u already have all necessary documents.

      1. dr mansoor

        sir..thanks for your reply..I want to ask ..from where I can learn purtages language in pakistan..or I have an uppertunity to go there and learn the language over there..plz reply

          1. chikondi

            Sir, i am a Malawian Clinical Laboratory Technologist residing in Malawi. I obtained my diploma and degree in Biomedical technology in Malawi and South Africa respectively. I would like to work in Angola and would like to know registration body for Technologist and all requirements.

            Thank you.

  2. dr mansoor

    thnx for ur detailed guidelines..purtages language course is going to be start in august and september of I will join it..I want to there any life threatening condition for doctors in angola?

    1. junaidjaf Post author

      well they lack doctors. in Fact whole Africa needs doctors badly. in upcoming days more posts will be about many other African countries and u can see situation. apparently Angola had civil war a decade back. after that now its peace over there. So as such no much harm to doctors. But AIDS is one of the factors doctors usually avoid going to Africa. Though I believe it will be wonderful opportunities for doctors to go to such countries and work there.

  3. dr saifullah

    I’m MBBS with 7 years of my clinical experience, most of experience in I would like to do job there, plz needs proper guidance..


    Dr saifullah (Pakistan)

  4. mohammed ali

    Thanks a lot sir for the wonderful information , great effort indeed !
    I just want to make sure of the mentioned salary , is it for general practitioners or specialists and how can I make sure of the mentioned number; from an official website or from the embassy in my country ?

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      well Angola needs doctors and salaries are good there, but you will need knowledge of Portuguese there for patient interaction

      1. mohammed ali

        Thanks mr. Junaid Khan for reply , but is the mentioned salary true ? “96.000 USD” , and how can I be sure of this point ?

  5. prince Osei sarpong

    I just completed medical school without internship, how can I work in Angola?? Can I do my internship in Angola ??

  6. Askara

    Thank you sir. May you kindly assist with the link to download the application forms for registration with Ordem dos Médicos de Angola. Thank you


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