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Hospital in Spanish Kingdom

Introduction To work as doctor in hospital of Spanish Kingdom or Spain first of all it is important to know a southwestern European country bordered with Mediterranean sea, Gibraltar, France, Andorra, Portugal and Atlantic ocean. Spain is 2nd largest European Union country while Madrid is the capital of the country. Spanish, 2nd largest native speaker language of the world after Mandarin,… Read more »


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Introduction Denmark also called Kingdom of Denmark is Northern European country, sharing border with Germany, Norway and Sweden. With later two it makes Scandinavia. Denmark is considered one of the happiest country in the world. The country has one of the highest income and tax payers ratio in the world. Copenhagen is largest and capital city and population is 57 million… Read more »


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Introduction Republic of Kenya is an African country sharing its border with Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Southern Sudan and Indian Ocean. Capital city is Nairobi and population is 46 million (2015 est.). Official languages of Kenya are English and Sawahili. Kenya is famous for its safari and wildlife diversity. Kenya has one of the largest economy in Eastern and Central… Read more »


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Introduction Tunisia  or Republic of Tunisia is a north African country. It is bordered by the Mediterranean Sea,  Algeria, Libya. Tunis is the capital city and Arabic is official language while French is required in national institutions, especially education. Population is 11 millions (2015 est ) and country has high human development index. Tunisian Health care system is improving and… Read more »

New Zealand

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Introduction New Zealand informally called Kiwi is and Island country situated in pacific Ocean near Australia, Fiji and Tonga. It’s capital is Wellington while Auckland is largest city. The country has population of 4.9 million (2015 est.). New Zealand also called “land of long white clouds” is one of the farthest nation where English is official language and country has… Read more »


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Introduction Qatar is worlds richest country with  population of 2.25 million (2015 est.) bordered with Saudi Arabia and Arabian Gulf. It is one of the most conservative society after Saudi Arabia. But the country is well developed due to its rich oil and gas reserves. Arabic is official language while Doha is capital city of Qatar. Qatar medical and Health care… Read more »


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Bahrain medical

Introduction Bahrain or Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island country situated near Persian Gulf . Neighbouring countries are Iran, Saudi Arabia and Qatar. This Arab Islamic country has population of 1.4 million (2015 est.). Arabic is official language but English is predominant. Bahrain is high income country, its capital Manama is financial hub making Bahrain a high Human Development… Read more »

United Arab Emirates

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Introduction UAE or United Arab Emirates is southeastern Arabian Peninsula country on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia, while sharing sea borders with Iran and Qatar. Population of UAE is 10 million out of which only 1.5 million are Emirate citizen rest are foreigners. Arabic is official language while English is widely spoken and understood. The country is… Read more »


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Bhutan girls

Introduction Bhutan is a beautiful, landlocked Kingdom bordered with China and India. This small country has population of 770000 (2015 est.) and is rated as one of the happiest country in Asia. Buddhism is main religion while Thimphu is largest and capital city. Bhutanese is national language while English is used officially and widely understood. Health care system is being… Read more »

Hong Kong

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Hong Kong med students

Introduction Hong Kong is a special Chinese administered city with one of the most populous inhabitants (7 million) out of which 93% are Chinese ethnic. Hong Kong has one of the most expansive skyline also known as vertical city. Official languages are Chinese and English. The city is one of the most industrialized with freest economy. City has highly developed public transportation… Read more »