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Introductionforeign doctors working in CAmeroon

Current and future doctors working in Cameroon should know that it is a country in west central Africa, having Nigeria in its west, Chad in the north, east Central African Republic, Gabon, Guinea Equatorial and the Republic of Congo to the south and the Gulf of Guinea in the southwest. The country has 2.5 million people (2016 est.). French and English are official languages in the country. While there are almost other 242 languages.

Cameroon’s health system is still at very low levels. According to WHO, there is one doctor for 10,400 inhabitants. Tuberculosis and malaria are common diseases while country’s health profile from WHO can be found here.

More  health statistics can be seen here.

Undergraduate Medical Education

Basic medical education in Cameroon starts after passing and entrance exam (for admission to level L). The language of education is French.

In fourth year , there is competitive exam to pass to level M1.

Students holding a foreign degree certificate recognized as equivalent to International Baccalaureate, can register to study medicine in Cameroon after passing the competitive exam of level L.

faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences.

Cameroon Medical Residency

To do specialization in medicine in Cameroon, nationals and foreign students have to pass a residency exam (oral and written exam) in faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences it offers medical and surgeon specialties.

Also there are several other residency programs i.e. Christian Internal Medicine Specialization 

Licence / registration

To practice medicine in Cameroon , doctors have register in Cameroon national medical council , they can exercice in hospital , in private activity or work in other structures .foreign doctors can practice in Cameroon


1. Eligibility to study medicine in Cameroon
  • Maximum age should be 23 till the year of entrance exam
  • Baccalaureate Holders of General Secondary Education in series C or D; or
  • Holders of the General Certificate of Education passing in these subjects: GCE Advanced Level in Biology & Chemistry, GCE ordinary level in Biology, Physics, Chemistry and/or Mathematics,
  • Any other certificate recognized  by Ministry of Higher Education.
2. Eligibility for residency exam
  • Be of Cameroonian nationality
  • Be under 35 year.
  • Hold  Doctor degree in medicine or Pharmacy issued by a national authorized faculty or a foreign equivalent diploma
3. Eligibility for licence 

To work as doctor in Cameroon medical graduates should register in in Cameroon national medical council.


1. Procedure for residency exam

Once you meet eligibility criteria, you can apply for residency exam with required documents mentioned below.

2. Procedure for licence

Once you meet eligibility criteria to practice medicine in Cameroon  (mentioned above), you can register in Cameroon national medical council


1. For Entrance into undergraduate medicine
2. For residency exam

There is oral and written exam


1. Documents for Entrance examination for undergraduate medical education
  • Application form downloaded from Ministry of Higher education website and dully filled.
  • Certified copy of birth certificate less  than 6 months old
  • 4 Passport size photographs with name of candidate on back side.
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Baccalaureate or GCE/AL transcript
  • Examination fee of 20000 CFAF payment receipt
  • Two stamped self-addressed envelopes.
2. Documents of residency exam

 Fill an application form in website concours-mé and attach these documents 

  • Certified copy of birth
  • Certified copy of diploma
  • Medical Certificate of physical and mental aptitude delivered by doctor
  • 4 passport size photos
  • Payment of registration of exam (50.000) FCFA,
  • Proof of submission of original diplomas signed by the competent authorities;
  • .An authorization of the employer or the organization with financial supervision of engagement
  • Two stamped envelopes 500 FCFA at the address of the candidate.
3. Documents for licence

– A signed and stamped application 

 -A certified copy of the birth certificate dated within last three (3) months

 – A certified copy of the diploma of doctor of medicine recognized by the competent authority at the time the application is submitted.

 -Police clearance certificate not older than last three months

 – A certificate of nationality dated within last three (3) months.

In addition for foreign candidates

– A registration certificate with medical council or board from country of origin and/or country of last employment.

 – A work/employment contract from governmental. semi governmental or private organisation in Cameroon.


  1. Fee for undergraduate medical education at CATHOLIC UNIVERSITY OF CAMEROON, BAMENDA is 3054500 FCFA /year (approx. 5000 USD)

  2.  Fee for registration for residency exam: (50.000) FCFA


Doctors working in Cameroon earn up to 210.000 Fcfa/month (350 usd/month)

Postgraduate  Medical Education

There are many universities which offer postgraduate courses for foreign and local medical & dental graduates. few of the main public universities are

l’Université de Yaoundé 1

University of Douala

Catholic University of Cameroon


 faculty of medicine and biomedical sciences.

Cameroon national medical council


Ministry of Higher Education of Cameroon

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