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kenya medical residency databaseRepublic of Kenya is an African country sharing its border with Tanzania, Somalia, Ethiopia, Uganda, Southern Sudan and Indian Ocean. Capital city is Nairobi and population is 46 million (2015 est.). Official languages of Kenya are English and Sawahili. Kenya is famous for its safari and wildlife diversity. Kenya has one of the largest economy in Eastern and Central Africa.

Kenya is facing major health care issues like many other African countries. There is big shortage of doctors and paramedical staff in the country. Ministry of Health of Kenya oversees all health related activities in the country. Tropical diseases and HIV are major problem in the country. Life expectancy is low while infant mortality rate is high.

Health profile of Kenya

Life expectancy and other major diseases statistics

Undergraduate Medical Education

Undergraduate medical education in Kenya starts after secondary school. Detailed entry requirement for entry into Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBChB) degree program is mentioned on the  Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya site.

Many medical schools and colleges offer undergraduate medical programs. a list of accredited medical schools by Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya

undergraduate medical program is 6 year program with 5 year studies and last (6th) year internship. More information about MBChB program offered by medical school of University of Nairobi can be seen here


Kenya medical residency training is offered by several teaching hospitals in the country. Kenya medical residency training programs are offered by few of these institutions and hospitals are

Also Agha Khan University (AKU) hospital in Nairobi offers Kenya medical residency training programs and master degree clinical programs as well. There is also International Internship by AKU for graduates.


Usually there are three types of License/Registration

  1. Internship License: Issued after passing Internship Qualifying Examination (see procedure and documentation section below) and is used for 1 year of Internship in any approved hospital of Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya.
  2. Permanent Registration: It is after passing registration examination and is subject to renewal upon expiration and by providing CPD/CME credit points.
  3. Temporary Registration: For those who were offered job opportunity in Kenya by any humanitarian, WHO or other nation/International Organization (max. for 1 year but extendable)


1. For Residency Training

For residency training  graduates should have equal qualification to Kenyan MBChB which should be acceptable to Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya and should have completed one year Internship.

2. For Registration

For Registration as medical/dental practitioners in Kenya following eligibility criteria apply:

  1. Doctors & dentists who have been trained in Kenya and have successfully completed one year internship.
  2. Doctors and dentists who qualify for Reciprocal recognition (if they studied from EAC partner institutes)
  3. Doctors and dentists who have passed internship qualifying examinations and have successfully undertaken internship
  4. Doctors and dentists who have passed Pre-registration Examinations

For Pharmacists registration there is Pharmacy Board of Kenya which has given detailed guidelines for pharmacist registration procedure in the country.


For Registration

Foreign doctors if they have completed Basic medical qualification (equivalent to Kenyan MBChB degree) and completed additional one year Internship they can apply for Registration examination by completing application form and submitting it with required documents to Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya. After passing examination they can be registered as medical/dental practitioner to work in Kenya.

However they may be exempted from Registration Examination or  1 year mandatory Internship in Kenya. It all depends on their qualification and relative experience.

If doctors haven’t completed required duration of Internship, they will be required to sit for internship examination and after passing it they will be issued with Internship License. After that they need to complete one year internship in any approved hospital of Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya. . After completing their internship doctors can get registration with Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya.

There is also another Temporary registration with Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya. It is for those doctors who are employed by any humanitarian organization or National/International NGOs etc.


1. For Registration examination

All foreign medical graduates should attach these documents for registration exam with Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya

  1. Application form for Pre registration examination
  2. A certified copy of a valid license/registration certificate issued by the country of qualification;
  3. A certified copy of good standing certificate issued by Health Authority of home/qualification country within last 3 months.
  4. A certified copy of the original medical degree certificate/diploma
  5. Certified true copies of English translation of all required documents (if not issued in English)
  6. Prescribed fee
  7. Recent passport size photograph
  8. English or Swahili proficiency certificate
  9. Curriculum Vitae

After passing examination use this Permanent registration as Medical or Dental Practitioner application form, pay the fee and attach documents with it mentioned in this form and submit it to the board.

2. Internship Qualifying Examination

Application for Internship qualifying Examination (Fee must be paid and all documents mentioned in application form should be attached and sent to address mentioned there)

After passing this exam fill this form Application for Internship License form and  attach all required documents mentioned there and then complete one year internship in approved training hospitals,

3. For Temporary Registration

Complete this Application for Temporary License Foreign Doctors, pay the fee and attach all documents mentioned in application form and submit it to address also mentioned there.


All fees are mentioned in their respective application forms (See above documentation section)


For General Practitioner 1300-1500 USD/month (In Nairobi it can be between 1500-2000 USD/month).


For doctors and medical jobs in Kenya, these are few links Amref, medical Kenya, job web Kenya, career point, Kenya moja, Kenya career etc

Postgraduate Medical Education

School of medicine of University of Nairobi offers vast range of medical master and PhD degree programs for medical graduates.

Also Agha Khan University offers 4 year of Master in Medicine (MMed) and other specialties training in its hospital in Nairobi which can be taken after meeting criteria of admission and after series of examination and interview.

Some other universities school of medicine also offer masters program for medical graduates. Moi university’s school of medicine offers postgraduate master degree programs.

apart from clinical master program doctors can get admission in public health program e.g. One that is offered by Kenyata university school of medicine

Also there is National Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program which is overseen by Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya. There are regular CPD courses and activities which are important for doctors to update their knowledge and important for renewal of permanent registration.


Ministry of Health of Kenya

Kenyan Doctors

Kenya Association of Physician

School of medicine of University of Nairobi

Medical Practitioners and Dentists Board of Kenya

National Continuous Professional Development (CPD) Program

Kenya Medical Research Institute


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