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Luxembourg medical licenseLuxembourg or the Grand Duchy of Luxembourg is a Western European country without access to the sea. It is bordered by Belgium to the west and north, Germany to the east and south to France. Its extremely dynamic economy makes it one of the richest countries and more prosperous world. “Luxembourg City” is the capital and largest city. Luxembourgish, French and German are the three official languages. The country has population of 0.65 million (2015 est.).

Luxembourg has one of the most developed health care system in the world. Luxembourg health care system is governmental and is controlled by Caisse de Maladie des OuvriersLife expectancy at birth is 82.2 percent (2013)

More information about country’s health profile and statistical data can be seen here

More health statistics can be seen here

Undergraduate Medical Education

Basic medical education in Luxembourg starts after completing secondary school education by having high school diploma or baccalaureate or equivalent.

The University of Luxembourg is the only university in Luxembourg which offers the first year of bachelor of medicine and specific training in general medicine.Language for study are: French/German. Study program is usually for 6 year. Students can study only for 1st year in University of Luxembourg. They can continue their studies in another European country.

After passing the first year of bachelor of medicine in Luxembourg, student can apply to continue his/her study in medicine abroad in  universities which the University of Luxembourg has agreements with.

 Can find here the lists of universities which have agreements with university of Luxembourg.

Luxembourg Medical Residency

There is no possibility to do medical residency in Luxembourg in other specialities except General Medicine which is for 3 years.

If the  number of eligible applicants exceeds the number of available seats, the applicants have to pass a residency entrance exam.

The specific training in general medicine includes:

  • A theoretical part: it includes a maximum of 250 hours of theoretical training
  • Some hospital practice: 6 months at least,
  • A practical part in the office: 12 months at least

some universities offer the realization of part of the specialization in a Luxembourg hospital on condition that there is a link between the two institutions. Candidate should contact first his university to apply for the part of specialization.


In order to practice medicine in the country. Luxembourg medical license is required for foreign medical graduates, candidates have to contact the Ministry of Health of Luxembourg as  it is the main health regulatory authority for foreign medical graduates in the country. 

NonEU medical graduates have to apply for approval of diploma by the Ministry of Higher Luxembourg to have the eligibility to practice medicine.


1. Eligibility to study the bachelor of medicine in Luxembourg

  • High school diploma
  • Language proficiency (French or German): level C1

2. Eligibility for medical residency in General Medicine

Be national of EU,EEA or Swiss Confederation  or a Non EU graduate or refug

  • Hold of basic medical qualification
  • Passing the exam of residency if the  number of eligible applicants  exceeds the  capacity of acceptation.

2. Eligibility to get Luxembourg medical license

  • -hold basic medical qualification
  • -hold approval of diploma from Ministry of Higher Education for NonEU graduates
  • -hold language certification of French and Germany C1


Procedure to apply to first year of bachelor of medicine

First pre-register on university website (, Then send the required documents to Studies Department and Student Life (here can find the address). The university accepts 100 medical students per academic year.The students who are accepted , can then do the final registration.

2. Procedure for medical residency in General medicine

Know the required eligibility to apply for general medicine, then send the file with documents to Studies Department and Student Life to Christine VALET Secrétaire de Formation – FSMG et ESAVS de l’Université du Luxembourg Faculté des Sciences, de la Technologie et de la Communication 162 A, avenue de la Faïencerie L-1511 Luxembourg Téléphone:  (+352) 46 66 44 6365 Email: .

3. Procedure to get Luxembourg medical license

Non-EU graduates should have approval of their medical qualification from Ministry of Higher Education of Luxembourg, then send  documents to Ministry of Health which send those documents to medical college to give a favorable opinion, once the acceptance given, the ministry of health provides the authorization to practice medicine to the medical graduate


1. Documents to study the bachelor year of medicine in Luxembourg

  • Notarized copy of secondary school certificate or foreign diploma recognized by Ministry of Education (as equivalent)
  • French and German Language Certificate up to C1 level

2. Documents for medical residency in General Medicine

  • 3 Passport size photographs
  • CV
  • -certificate copy of high secondary diploma
  • – certificate copy of basic medical qualification

3. Documents of approval of diploma from Ministry of Higher Education for Non-EU graduates

  • A written request/application
  • Cv
  • Copy of passport
  • Diploma notarized copy

All these documents should be sent to  Secrétariat de la Commission d’Homologation Ministère de l’Enseignement Supérieur et de la Recherche 20, montée de la Pétrusse L-2327 Luxembourg Tél: (+352) 247-85135 Fax: 292186

4. Documents for application for Luxembourg medical license to practice medicine

  • Cv
  • Notarized copy of all medical qualifications
  • Copy of passport
  • Medical certificate confirming the good physical and mental health

documents should be sent to Ministry of Health at Service Professions de santé Autorisations ’exercer Villa Louvigny – Allée Marconi L – 2120 Luxembourg LINCKELS Paul
Tél. : (+352) 247-85523


1. Examination for entrance into medical residency in general medicine composed of:

  • A written test on knowledge of French and German 20 points;
  •  A written test/oral on general medical knowledge 40 points.

2. At the end of general medicine residency

There is examination composed of :

  • A written and oral test 40 points
  • Defense of thesis 20 points


Fee of registration of first bachelor year of medicine in Luxembourg is 200 Euro/semester


General Practitioner: 77541 Euro/year

Specialist: 147658 Euro/year

Postgraduate Medical Education

University of Luxembourg offers some Master and PhD degree programs for medical graduates. Though there aren’t much options in the country for postgraduate medical education for medical and dental graduates.


Ministry of Health

Ministry of Higher Education

University of Luxembourg

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  1. Tade

    Can a non-EU English speaking medical doctor migrate to Luxembourg to practice medicine? I eagerly await your response. Thank you.

  2. hend

    Can libyan dentist with bds degree from libya and felliwship certificate in periodontology and dental implants practice as dentist or dental hygienist in Luxembourg? ??

    1. Junaid Khan

      It will be a bit long process. But yes if you apply first to Ministry of Education and get your qualification equivalency certificate from them. Then apply to Ministry of Health and get recognition from them. Only then you will be issued a license to practice there

  3. asad riaz

    I m pakistani i graduated medical doctor from cuba currently staying in peru learning german language right now can u explain abt the process to practice medicine in luxembourg plz . Thanks

  4. Steve

    I am 35 years old and I already have a bachelor degree in computer science with experience in the field. Is it possible to apply to study medicine. Is there any condition on age? How much is the tuition fees?

    1. Junaid Khan

      in Luxemburg , if you want study medicine there , you will just study thé first year and then you have continue medicine in other european country

  5. Dr Tariq

    I have completed my MBBS in pakistan in 2016 now doing my house job

    I want to get license of Luxembourg how can I go for it

    Please can you help me and give me right path for apply thanks

    1. Junaid Khan

      you need to get approval of your diploma from ministry of higher education first after learning the language up to B2 level. Please read our Procedure section


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