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medical residency database logoIs worlds largest medical residency database for current and prospective medical students, doctors, medical researchers, administrators and life long learners. RD contains vast information about medical education system, licensing procedure, examination and links to relevant health administration bodies around the globe. Getting medical Residency in desired clinical disciplines has always been one of the most tiresome and lengthy process which occasionally leaves young doctors confused and disappointed. So RD provides all such relevant information for students and doctors which will help them plan ahead for their career in suitable specialty in any country they want.

Each country post contains information about entry process and duration of undergraduate medical education, examination procedure, eligibility/exemption criteria for license and medical residency in any clinical/nonclinical discipline, salary, fee of examination, documentation, postgraduate medical education, and links to health authorities

So to find medical residency examination procedure/exemption and/or undergraduate/postgraduate medical education opportunities go to our countries page and click on desired country for relevant information. Also don’t forget to check news section and search for news updates which will help to stay updated about any changes by local health authorities in any of the relevant.

In forum section you can be part of discussion about all sub components of Medical Residency database after registration.

In up coming days we plan to expand our database and start a career counselling and guidance service for all health professionals which help them achieve their dream.

Remember all information being provided here has medical residency database copyright. Since time to time health governing authorities change their policies for foreign and local medical graduates. So keep checking our news section and provide us with positive suggestion and feedback which will help us update our database and help our visitors. For any suggestions and comments kindly post below in comment box or contact us. Don’t forget to visit our social media pages.

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18 thoughts on “Introduction

  1. mishkat junaid

    Aoa.sir please can u tell me something about residency for foreign graduates in singapore and malysia and irreland??

  2. Ammar Sand

    Hey there,

    Can you please guide me where can I be exempted from registration/licensure exam of any EU country? I am a British National and I have a medical degree from Kyrgyzstan. I need to start my internship in any EU country who can offer me licence without passing any regidtration exam.

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      unfortunately you can not get license without an exam. But you can apply for residency in Romania or bulgaria and pay fee and be specialist there

  3. Asra

    Hi I am a graduate from pakistan. Did my mbbs in 2012. I got married and had to move to USA so I did not do my internship year. I am done with all three usmles and I am ECFMG certified. Can you guide me if I can apply to qatar internship program or residency. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

  4. Ashish

    I recently completed my pg in radiology from India.
    Can I get job in Middle East and what will be average pay ?

  5. rizwan

    hello sir !
    i have completed my house job in September after MBBS, i want to apply for plab right now. Sir, can you please tell me that whether i can take cambridge language test instead of ielts or not ? as plab demands a higher score in ielts.

    regards !

  6. D.Justina Mary

    Hi sir I graduated medical qualification from Azerbaijan ,cleared medical council of india examination and I’m registered Indian practitioner.. what is the qualifying / licensing test I need to take to continue my career in France

  7. Dr Debanarayan Doley

    Sir, I have completed mbbs and internship in MCI recognized institution in India. How do I proceed to be able to practice medicine in Luxembourg..

  8. Naomi Brooks

    My dad’s American and my mom’s from the Philippines. I took up dentistry and graduated in the Philippines and I was wondering if that would be accepted in the US or do I have to study again in the US if I plan on staying with my dad?

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      you just should take Licensing exam (step 1, step 2 and step 3 ) only after that you can work in USA. You are not exempted from the exams

      Team RD

  9. Rizwan Shaik

    I completed my MBBS course from Pakistan in 2015 but I did not do my internship year because I got married and moved to USA. Is there any country where I can do my internship year apart from Pakistan and subsequently do my residency there??? Please, I really need an advise.

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      You can do internship in UAE. but fee for that is bit high 30000 AED/year.

      Also there are many other countries. you can do internship in. e.g. China, Russian states etc


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