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Morocco medical residency database flagMorocco officially the Kingdom of Morocco is a country located in North Africa, Geographically, Morocco is characterized by mountainous and desert areas. It is one of the few countries to include the shores of the Mediterranean Sea on one side and the Atlantic Ocean on the other. Its capital is Rabat, and the largest city is Casablanca. Morocco’s official languages are Arabic and Berber. But French is business and education language, population is 34 million (2015 est.). 

Morocco is facing healthcare problems and there are only 0.5 doctor/1000 people. 1 hospital bed/1000 people and poor sanitation and access to clean water are major challenges in the country. The life expectancy at birth is 74 year.

More health statistics can be seen here

Who health profile of Morocco

Undergraduate Medical Education

Undergraduate medical education in morocco starts after 14 years of school education and entry into medical school is after passing a competitive exam.(More information about entry exam in faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Casablanca).

Following are faculties of medicine offering basic and postgraduate medical education in Morocco.

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of  Casablanca

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Rabat

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Marrakesh

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Fes

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Oujda

Medical studies in morocco is organized as follows:

  1. 1st cycle is for 2 years and consists of Pre-clinical sciences
  2. 2nd cycle lasts for 3 year and consists of clinical sciences
  3. Sixth year: externship full time at the University Hospital
  4. Seventh year: internship .at the end of this year and after passing clinical exams the student can defend their thesis.

Foreign student can apply to study medicine in Morocco, they should contact Moroccan Agency for International Cooperation

Morocco Medical Residency

Access to Morocco medical residency or specialty training is done in two ways:

  • Through Internship Exam: Students who have successfully completed their fifth year and all training they should sit for Internship Exam and complete two year internship at the University Hospital (4 semesters: medicine, surgery, pediatrics and obstetrics & gynecology). After which they are called as residents. They are given priority in choosing the specialty.
  • Through residency exam: Doctors of medicine after graduation can pass residency entrance exam and can start their Morocco medical residency training.

The duration of Morocco medical residency training varies from 3 to 5 years e.g.3 years for sports medicine, 4 years for medical specialties and biology, 5 years for surgical specialties and internal medicine.

Maximum four attempts are allowed to sit for Morocco medical residency entrance exam.

Foreign medical graduates can get entry into Morocco medical residency or specialty training if they get Equivalence of their basic medical qualification from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco.


To practice medicine in Morocco, local and foreign medical graduate should register with National Council of Doctors of Morocco (ordre national des médécins). There is no registration exam and foreign medical graduates can register to practice in Morocco if they get equivalence of their basic medical qualification degree/diploma from Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco.

Authorization to practice medicine for foreign doctors in Morocco is issued by General Secretary of Government.


1. Eligibility to sit for Morocco medical residency entrance exam for foreign medical graduates

2. Eligibility to practice medicine in Morocco for foreign doctors

  • Must be living in Morocco (migrated there and have valid work permit)
  • Either be a national of a country which has signed an agreement with Morocco or a spouse of Moroccan citizen.
  • Should hold a medical degree or a qualification recognized as equivalent by Ministry of Higher education to the Moroccan qualification and have right to practice medicine in his/her home country.
  • Should not have been criminally convicted in Morocco or abroad.
  • Should not be registered with another medical council (if he/she is registered with another council He/She should justify it in written form).


1. Procedure to sit for Morocco medical residency entrance exam

Foreign medical graduates should first apply for equivalence of qualification certificate for their basic medical qualification to Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco . This equivalence certificate means that their basic medical qualification is equal to that which is delivered in Morocco. Then they can apply for Morocco medical residency entrance exam and after passing it they can start their residency training.

2. Procedure for licence/registration for foreign doctors


Morocco Medical Residency Entrance Exam  and Internship exam are composed of 2 tests:

1- An eligibility test involving a test of titles and four written tests.

  • anatomy.
  • biology.
  • the medical pathology
  • surgical pathology

2- An admission test with 4 questions

  • a case of medical emergency.
  • a case of surgical emergency.
  • what to do in a medical specialty.
  • And what to do in Surgical specialty.


1. For application for issuance of equivalence certificate by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research

2. For Morocco medical residency entrance exam

A handwritten application on a plain white paper for registration Morocco medical residency entrance exam and must contain the following information:

  • Full name of applicant
  • Date and Place of Birth
  • Nationality
  • Specialty chosen by the candidate
  • University Degrees and Diplomas
  • Hospital Titles

It must be accompanied by the following documents:

  1. A certified photocopy of basic medical qualification
  2. Transcript of records from the first to the fifth year of medical studies and clinical exams
  3. A certificate of equivalence for foreign diplomas/degrees (issued by Ministry of Higher Education)
  4. Three Stamped envelops with the address of the applicant
  5. An extract of birth certificate not older than three months;
  6. A certified photocopy of the national identity card/passport

3. For license/registration to practice medicine in Morocco

Send four copies of these documents to National Council of Doctors of Morocco.

  • Application form for authorization
  • Certified photocopy of the equivalence certificate of foreign medical qualifications issued by Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco.
  • Criminal record for past three months.
  • Certificate of Nationality/Passport copy
  • Extract of birth certificate not older than three months
  • Certified photocopy of the original of the national identity card
  • Sworn statement certifying that the applicant is not registered in a foreign medical council
  • Applicant’s identity Photo (passport size photograph)
  • Certificate of residence in Morocco or any other document establishing his legal residence in Morocco
  • A certificate of copy of marriage with Moroccan national (if any).


For registration Dhs 300.00 per year


For General practitioners first grade: 776 euro/month

For General practitioners principle grade: 1108 euro/month

For General practitioners exceptional grade: 1350 euro/month

Postgraduate Medical Education

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of  Casablanca offers several postgraduate certificates and diplomas in different clinical and research disciplines for foreign medical graduates.

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Rabat also offers postgraduate diplomas and certificates which are essential for continuing medical education

Faculty of medicine of Fes offers research in medicine it has 5 laboratories. Each laboratory is formed by at least three research teams and each research team is formed by at least 3 teachers. So those medical graduates who want to continue their education in clinical research they can find options at faculty of medicine of Fes.


Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of  Casablanca

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Rabat

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Marrakesh

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of Fes

Faculty of medicine and pharmacy of oujda

Ministry of Higher Education and Scientific Research of Morocco .

National Council of Doctors in Morocco

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  1. Jeanne

    Hello! Could you present a write up indicating a list which institutions of higher education (and programs) use English as medium of instruction (teaching & learning), especially Medicine?
    I guess it will encourage more foreign applicants who have no knowledge of Arabic, Berber, & French yet are interested in Moroccan degrees.
    Thank you.

    1. Junaid Khan

      Since Morroco is French and Arabic speaker country. SO obviously there is no medical education offered in English language. SO first you have to learn one of these two languages to study there

  2. Ali Baba

    Do you by any chance have information regarding requirements and the application process on the World Federation of Neurosurgical Societies (WFNS) residency training offered in the Rabat Refetence Center solely to medical graduates from subsaharan Africa who want to be neurosurgeons?


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