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Study Medicine in EuropeTo get license or Study medicine in France, one should one should have detailed knowledge before going for it. France is a Western European country, it is also the sixth worlds and third European economic power after Germany and United Kingdom. French is the Official language and  population is 66.9 million people (2019 est).

France has one of the most developed health care system in the world. The infant mortality rate is lower than European union. Female life expectancy remains higher than that of men. 

More information about country’s health profile and statistical data can be seen here

More health statistics can bee seen here

Undergraduate Medical Education

Europe has one of the best model for study medicine in France. Whole basic medical education is conducted in French Language. 

Undergraduate education to study medicine in France starts after 15 years of school education and entry into medical school is after passing a competitive exam. (more information about structure of education can be seen here). 

Students have to enter into first year of premedical/health studies education and have to pass exam at the end of the year to get formally into undergraduate medical education. It is referred to as health license in France.

Faculty of Medicine of University of Paris Descartis  offers 6 year MD program entry requirements are:

For local and European national students:

-Register for FYHS (First Year of Health Studies)

-Pass Medical Entrance Examination

For non-European national students:

-Register for FYHS (First Year of Health Studies)

-Pass Medical Entrance Examination

Usually only 8% of foreigners are admitted in the basic undergraduate medical program.

For local, European or non European national student who haven’t finished their basic medical education (whichever year they are studying in) if they want to continue to their education in France they should study first year and pass the examination and after that they can be allowed to study in their year of previous education in their home country.

Structure to study medicine in France is divided in three cycles and leads to the State Diploma of Doctor of Medicine (MD)

  1. 1st cycle – 2 years
  2. 2nd cycle – 4 years
  3. 3rd cycle offers two possible paths: General medicine or other specialties that lead to the Diploma of Specialized Studies

More universities options to study medicine in France


French students

Medical students graduate after second cycle of medical studies and they can continue third cycle leading to their residency training.But they also have to pass ECN exam.

EU/EEA/Swiss confederation, Andorra graduates:

They can apply to participate in the national ranking exam  ECN: “Epreuve Classantes National“ which is organized by National Management Center (Centre National de Gestion)

This exam allows them to access to specialty (11 specialties, including General practice) more information about it can be found here. After passing exam foreign doctors will be ranked and allocated into residency program according to their exam result and other criteria.

Duration of specialty training depends on chosen specialty i.e. General medicine training is for 3 yearn while for other specialties it can range from 4 to 5 years.

More information can be found in this file

For Non-EU/EEA/Swiss graduates:

For complete specialization in France:

Foreign doctors can get residency training in France but they should pass an exam ” concours d’internat à titre d’étranger ” which is organized by the National Management Center but very few positions are opened and some specialties are offered.

For partial specialization in France:

Foreign doctors who is not specialist yet can get a Specialized Medical Training Diploma for 1 year

A foreign physician specialist can prepare a specialized medical training diploma from 6 months to 1 year

More information can be found in this file

Licence / Registration 

National Council of Order of Physicians is authorized body for licensing and registration of foreign medical and dental graduates in France.

French, EU, EEA and Swiss graduates can work in France without passing a license examination. For more information see procedure section.

Foreign medical graduate Non EU medical graduates can work as General practitioners or Specialists in France provided they fulfill eligibility criteria and pass licensing examination, “épreuves de verifications de connaissances “ This is the first step of the exercise authorization procedure (EAP) for foreign doctors registration in France organized by National Management Center.

After exam and completing all documents mentioned in application form for registration purpose (check documentation section), doctors should send these to National Council of Order of Physicians


For medical students wishing to enroll in basic medical education in France

  1. French baccalaureate or higher secondary school certificate
  2. French language competency certificate (B2) 
  3. Application for entry in medical education

For more information about French language centers

For ECN (Residency Entry Exam for EU, EEA or Swiss medical graduates)

  • Being local student/ nationals of Member States of the European Union/ the Swiss Confederation/ the Principality of Andorra or States Parties to the Agreement on the European Economic Area.
  • Basic Medical graduation certificate (equivalent to French 2nd cycle)

For residency Entrance Examination for Non EU graduates “concours d’internat à titre étranger” 

  • Being Non EU medical graduate 
  • Certificate of competency of French language (B2)

For partial specialization in France:

1-Be MD (medical doctor).

2-Hold a level French certificate B2 minimum.

For licence/registration examination:

License/registration examination for foreign doctors registration in France eligibility criteria is 

  1. Being non EU foreign medical graduate
  2. Have already served for at least 3 years in the country of origin
  3. Have French language certificate at B2 level (CEFR)

For Registration with 


1. Residency process:

Check eligibility criteria according to nationality group mentioned above then send complete relevant application form with list of documents (mentioned also in documentation section) to the address mentioned below in documentation section

2. Licence/Registration examination

Procedure for licensing in France

EU, EEA and Swiss graduates can practice in France after registering in Councilau des ordres des médecins français (National Council of Order of Physicians).

Non EU graduates wishing to be registered in France as general practitioners should apply for licensing examination by following this procedure:

  1. Know the eligibility criteria
  2. Fill the Application form, attach all required documents and send by postal mail with return receipt requested, to the Regional Health Agency of his place of residence (in France). If the applicant resides abroad, he/she should send his/her application to any of the Addresses of regional health agencies in different region in France of his/her choice
  3. Candidates receive an invitation to one day written exam of the specialty for which he/she registered 
  4. Get 3 year or less (depends on chosen specialty) hospital experience in France
  5. Apply for registration to the Ministry of Health and they can then register in Councilau des ordres des médecins français

More Information of Licensing exam for Non EU graduates 

After licensing exam they must register with Council of Order of Physicians to practice medicine in France. In order to do that they must fill application form (see below documentation section) and attach documents mentioned in application form and send to address mentioned below.


1. For Residency Training

For EU,EEA,Swiss ECN

The exam consists of nine clinical cases (3 cases per half day so 3 half-days) and finally, a Reading test Critique of Article on half a day. Each case (and the ACL) is scored 100 points, each accounting for 10% of the note. The final grade is a total of 1000 points.

For Foreigners (Non EU)  «concours d’internat à titre d’étranger» 

Examination of the foreigners ” concours d’internat à titre d’étranger “ is composed  for 2 tests :

  1. Eligibility test for residency (if not present in France it should be taken at French embassy or consulate in these countries,if already in France it should be taken at address mentioned below)
  2. Fill the application form online during application period (usually from 1st to 31st march every year.
  3. Attach documents mentioned in documentation section below and submit your application.
  4. Residency Entrance examination test is taken place at:  Jean Monnet, 47, rue des Solets, 94533 Rungis;

2. For License/Registration Examination (épreuves  de verifications de connaissances )

For license/registration examination for foreign doctors registration in France is composed for 2 tests:

  1. Fundamental knowledge verification Test
  2. Practical knowledge verification Test

These tests vary from one specialty to another. Also see licensing exam information page

Exam online sample


1. Residency Exam

a) Documents required for Non EU graduates for an exam «  concours d’internat à titre étranger» :

  • During application period Fill online Application for Registration for exam
  • Filled and signed Declaration
  • Scanned copy of identity card and copy of passport
  • Scanned copy of university medical degree and transcript
  • Scanned copy of diploma of license/registration from home country
  • For candidates residing in France, a readable photocopy of residence permit
  • French translation of above documents if they are in another language.

All completed documents should be attached online with application form and submitted online. Then submit proof of copy of submitted application to Embassy or French consulate mentioned in this list

– For resident in France, by registered mail  to the following address: National Center for Management, competitions department, to licensing, mobility-professional development, national unity medical assistance, ETR, building Le Ponant , 21 B, rue Leblanc, 75737 Paris Cedex 15;

b) Documents For ECN (For EU, EEA, Swiss confid. nationals)

  • Fill and submit Online Application Form for ECN during application period (Between May 22 to June 11)
  • The copy of the National Identity Card
  • The copy of basic medical qualification (degree/diploma) or if not graduated yet, a certificate issued by university that student is in the final year of medical studies. (Translated into French)
  • Follow these Instructions on completing application form

The documents should be sent to a general director  of the National Management Center (Le Ponant B 21 rue Leblanc 75737 PARIS cedex 15)

2. License/Registration Exam

Documents of  Registration/license exam for foreign doctors registration in France « des épreuve de verifications de connaissances »

  1. Fill Application form
  2. The copy of the national identity card or of passport and residence permit (if already in France)
  3. A copy of basic medical qualification and transcript/mark sheet
  4. Copy of license/registration certificate from health authority of home country.
  5. Copy of French language proficiency certificate B2 level at least (CEFR)
  6. List of documents required with application

The documents should be sent to the Regional Health Agency.

(Addresses of regional health agencies in different region)

3. Registration of Doctors 

For doctors registration in National Council of Order of Physicians

  • 2 copies of filled (handwritten) and signed application form and attach documents mentioned in application form (Anex B) and post it to 4 LEON JOST STREET 75855 PARIS CEDEX 17 Phone


for resident doctor salary ranges between 1.300 and 2.000 euro/month

More detail list of salary per specialty in France can be seen here


Detailed fee information for Medicine in France can be found here

Postgraduate Medical Education

Like rest of the study medicine in France options, during and after the DES (Diplomes d’Etudes Specialisées), foreign medical students may also complete Master degree or research from Faculty of Medicine of University of Paris Descartis is for two years of study. After that a 3 year PhD can be completed.

There are always CME (Continuous Medical Education) credits doctors can be earned by attending conferences and seminars organized by Ministry of Health of FranceNational Management Center and many others.


Paris Society of Medicine

University of Paris

Ministry of Health of France

National Management Center

National Council of Order of Physicians

Note: (Read our FAQs page . If you still don’t understand something leave a comment below. All information provided here is from different sources. For clear guidelines and update check official sites)

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  1. Jahid Hasan

    Please write on India, Singapore, Malaysia, Oman, Dubai, Abu-dhabi, Qatar… By the way doing a great job!! Legendary work 🙂

  2. Jahid Hasan

    Superb!! You are really working like a legend. May God bless you much more… 🙂
    Really great brother…..!

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  4. Isabella

    Thank you for the information. I am italian but graduated in south america, so I run for concours d’internat à titre étranger, and not ECN?

  5. Nadeem Iqbal

    I have done MBBS from pakistan. I want to do specialization in France. What route i should opt? Either i should go for licensing/registration exam or concours d’internat titre d’etranger?

    1. Junaid Khan

      you should go for concours. also look for partial specialization in case you dont get place in full one. all details are already in the post

  6. Ismail Aslam

    Aao. I have done MD from Russia and also passed PMDC exam required to practice in Pakistan. Now I m doing my House job. I m planning to move to France for residency training and I want to know that do they notice the credit hours mention in your diplom transcript and want you to cover them in france to compete in their exams . Is there any rule like this or we just complete french language training and fullfil document req. and become eligible for residency exam ?? Thankyou in anticipation…

      1. Nadeem IQBAL

        hello admin , i have done my mbbs from pakistan , cleared french language exam DELF B2, and i have given the exam eprouve de verification de connaissances in september and waiting for results now.. my question is that after clearing exam how can i get residency ? where to apply and what to expect ?

          1. Nadeem IQBAL

            in that case , do you know any HR agencies especially in paris , as i live in paris . which would help me in case i succeed in that exam ?

  7. hammam

    Thanks for the effort.. I am an Internal medicine resident in Jordan. I am Palestinian. I am looking for a subspecialty in france after getting my int medicine board degree.. What are my options?

  8. Afia

    I m from Bangladesh. I m a MBBS doctor. My husband lives in France and he is a non medical person.I will come to France. But I can’t understand what I do in France. Please help!!

  9. pavs

    I am non-eu but hold a Medical degree from EU(Romania), and i wish to practice medicine in France. Can you guide me through the registrations process with National de l’Ordre des Medecins?


    1. Junaid Khan

      sir , you have contact le centre national de gestion and in fact you have medical degree from EU you don’t need to pass any exam to practice medicine in france. Kindly see the picture under procedure section. and follow that procedure

  10. chinelo mbanefo

    How do I start the procedure for partial specialization right away…what’s my first step and how do I apply?

    1. Junaid Khan

      1 . sir , you should first choose faculty medicine in france and ask them and check if there is convention with your university faculty of medicine , and as well ask well ministry of health in your country it is able to do partial specialization

  11. Santiago teran

    Hello, i am an ecuadorian medical graduate, im looking on doing my residency in france or the UK, in the first case is there any preparation program for the exam? i mean something like the usmle in the US (kaplan course) but in this case for preparation for a residency in france?

    On the other hand? What about medical residency in the UK? i have found it really hard to obtain detailed and step by step information on how to apply to the uk beiang a non uk citizen and non european or uk graduated as in my case. Please i need some guidence with this. Thank you very much for the very informative posts

    1. Junaid Khan

      For UK, You need to first Pass MEdical Exam Like PLAB (part one and part two) after having IELTs Score of 7.5 each sub component (speaking, reading, listening and writing).

      then you will get GMC (gemernal medical council) registration . Another way is if you just take MRCP exam and clear both parts then you can work in Uk without need for any other exam.

      Secondly for France you shoud ask centre national de gestion for preparation

  12. Arslan

    Hey . I am french national. I am in my final year medical school from Pakistan.
    Is it necessary for a student like me to have a strong grip in french in order to pursue my carer there?

    1. Junaid Khan

      Obviously, Since patients wont be speaking in English or urdu in France so you need to have atleast B2 level of French

  13. Tyrone Fernandes

    Hi. I am physician practicing in India since 13 yrs, I have done my MD in internal medicine in 2003 from India. If i want to get a job in France how shall I get it? Any exams to be given or any other job which I can do based on my degree?

    1. Junaid Khan

      sir , to apply for job i in france as a doctor you have pass licence / registration examination ” épreuves des vérifications des connaissances ” ,

  14. Obiagwu Kenneth N

    Thanks alot for the marvelous info!..please can one write the B2 french exams from any alliance français in Nigeria!…Am an Intern at Nnamdi Azikiwe University!…and i have a GCE O level certificate A grade in french from my secondary school in Cameroon.


    Hello,great explanations and information …but can you please briefly explain the difference between the concours and the partial specilization?..can one apply for both at once? and what is precisely the benefit of the partial specialization in a long run?..thanks

    1. Junaid Khan

      the partial specialization is just for one year after doing 3 years of residency in speciality in origin country ,
      concours d’internat à titre étranger is for doing training residency in france all years of residency in france , but partial is just for one year
      if you are still medical student and have criteria and eligibility for concours d’internat à titre étranger , you can apply for it , if your residency doctor and passed 3 years in your origin country you apply for partial speciaization for one year


        Thanks for the clarification..but if you would indulge me,i noticed the amount of people picked for the concours d’internat a titre etranger is like 4-8 persons out of about 300 people or more applying,or am i wrong?,if it is so,have you any idea of any other exams one can take?, or any other possibilities available?..thanks a lot!

  16. nadeem iqbal

    hello admin , i have done my mbbs from pakistan , cleared french language exam DELF B2, and i have given the exam eprouve de verification de connaissances in september and waiting for results now.. my question is that after clearing exam how can i get residency ? where to apply and what to expect ?

  17. Sadish

    Hai sir/madam. I am dr sadish finished my mbbs in india and now i am doing clinical resientcy internal medicine in ukraine.i am french nationality.i plan to service in france.what i can i do .kindly help me

    1. Junaid Khan

      sir , Ukraine is not eu country , so to work in France you have pass épreuve des vérifications des connaissances

  18. Dr Monika Chandra

    Hello Junaid,
    I have done my residency in anesthesiology from india. I am practising after finishing my residency last year. I want to work in France as an anesthetist.
    My queries are:
    1. How much work experience do I need to have in term of years before applying for a job in France.
    2. Do the French authority conduct their registration exam in French language.
    3. Does clearing EDAIC examination would be of any help to practice in France.
    Please help as i want to give exam in the coming session.

    1. Junaid Khan

      1 . 3 years working in speciality , 2. yeah in frensh language 3. in France they have their own exam to practice in France

      1. Dr Monika Chandra

        Thank you so much sir.. just one more query. Does post graduation years count as work experience or I need to three years above post graduation years.
        Thank you

  19. Sara

    Hello, many thanks for your effort.
    I’ve done my MBBS from egypt and want to enroll in residency program in France, so what should I do ?

    1. Junaid Khan

      you need pass épreuve d’internat en médecine. Please read our post and open links about the exam , you will find all information there. But Since all the information is in French. So obviously you need to learn B2 level of French first


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