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UAE flagUAE or United Arab Emirates is southeastern Arabian Peninsula country on the Persian Gulf, bordering Oman and Saudi Arabia, while sharing sea borders with Iran and Qatar. Population of UAE is 10 million out of which only 1.5 million are Emirate citizen rest are foreigners. Arabic is official language while English is widely spoken and understood. The country is federation of 7 states. Abu Dhabi serves as capital. UAE is rich developed Muslim country with diverse economy.

Health care system is organized by Ministry of Health of United Arab Emirates. Currently there are 105 registered health care facilities in UAE. In Dubai, Dubai Health Authority and in Abu Dhabi, Health Authority of Abu Dhabi are governing health authorities which are responsible for implementing health policies and strategies in these states. While for other 5 states ( Ajman, Fujairah, Ras al-Khaimah, Sharjah, and Umm al-Quwain) Ministry of Health is health regulatory authority. UAE is one of the popular destination for medical tourism.

Life expectancy is generally high in UAE.

Health Profile of UAE can be seen here

Undergraduate medical education

Undergraduate medical education in UAE starts after 12 year of schooling. Selection into medical programs is competitive and an entry exam is required to pass.

College of Medicine of Gulf Medical University offers 5 year MBBS program with an additional one year compulsory internship. Upon completion of internship students will be awarded with degree of MBBS.

College of medicine and Health Sciences of United Arab Emirates University offers four year MD program after 2 years of premedical studies in CMH .

Upon graduation doctors can either choose to study further postgraduate courses, apply for residency training program or work as general practitioners in public or private sector.

Emirates Medical Students Society is also actively managing some events for medical students in UAE.


Residency training in Emirates are mainly offered by DHA known as Dubai Residency Training Program(DRTP) and by HAAD known as TANSEEQ. Entry into residency training is very competitive and UAE nationals are preferred. However foreign medical graduates can enter into residency training if they fulfill criteria and pass entry examination and interview. Detailed information about residency training are given below:

FAQ DRTP Residency Program


MOH FAQ exam for other 5 states


Getting license to work as medical practitioner in UAE depends on state you want to work in.

For Abu Dhabi Health Authority of Abu Dhabi (HAAD) conducts licensing examination for foreign medical graduates and delivers license. For Dubai it is Dubai Health Authority (DHA) and for other five states there is Ministry of Health (MOH) licensing exam.

License is issued only upon successful completion of examination and documentation.  Foreign medical graduates can apply for licensing examination on the relevant sites and after passing it they will be issued license to practice medicine in UAE.

However there are certain exemption criteria for doctors if they fit in they will not be required to sit for written examination. However interview might be conducted (where required) before issuance of license.

As of new policy, Registration/license is unified in UAE and now after getting license from one authority doctors can convert into license for other authority within UAE provided they have 6 months of clinical experience. For more details visit DHA license section , HAAD website Licensing section  and MOH website Licensing section

See below eligibility and examination section for more details


1. For Residency programs

Dubai Residency Training Program (DRTP) is conducted by Dubai Health Authority.

Eligibility criteria for entry into this program:

  • Basic medical qualification from WHO listed university and one year internship completion
  • Passing the Pre-Entry Evaluation  written Examination
  • Passing interview

For selection criteria and specialties offered check DRTP guide

Like DHA, HAAD also has separate residency training program which is known as TANSEEQ

Detail information, process of entry, required documents and list of residency programs in TANSEEQ.

2. For Licensing Exams

There is general Health care Professional Qualification requirements for all three DHA, MOH, HAAD exams,. Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements By MOH,HAAD,DHA


1. Examination for Licensing/registration as GP/Specialists

DHA license Examination for practicing in Dubai

HAAD license Examination for practicing in Abu Dhabi

MOH licence Examination for practicing in other 5 states of the country.

2. Residency Entry Examination

DRTP entry examination

TANSEEQ examination by HAAD for entry into residency training in Abu Dhabi                           

3. Exemption criteria

Exemption from licensing examination for foreign medical graduates for:

DHA License Assessment and exemption criteria

HAAD licensing Assessment and Exemption criteria


DHA license examination fee

Fee for HAAD licensing examination 


For GP it is 20000-35000 AED/month.


1. Residency Entry Procedure

For Dubai (DRTP)

DRTP Entry User manual

For Abu Dhabi (TANSEEQ)

TANSEEQ Entry process

2. Licensing Procedure

For DHA license.

First go to this login page and make an account fill online application and upload all required documents. Pay initial documents assessment fee. Then you will have to pay fee for Primary Source verification (PSV) which will verify your documents and it takes some time. Keep emailing them to know the status of your application. Meanwhile you can select DHA license assessment/examination date from prometric website and pay their fee. Once approved go and pass this MCQ based computer exam. You will be issued with eligibility letter.  Go to Dubai on one month visitor visa and find job and get labor card and insurance there. One done pay the license fee and get DHA license.  

Step by Step DHA license process

For HAAD License

Please follow these steps:

  1. Click here to submit the application online along with required documents through Data Flow (a verification company)
  2. You will receive an email with the payment methods for the Data Flow with your application number.
  3. After completion of verification process you will receive an email with  new username and password to complete your application through the HAAD website.
  4. Once approved, register for the exam. (More information on the exam criteria).
  5. Pay fees once the licensing request is approved.
  6. You will receive license via courier

Detailed process can be found here

Unlike DHA license exam. HAAD license exam is conducted by Pearson VUE 

For MOH license


For more information refer to Healthcare Professionals Qualification Requirements By MOH,HAAD,DHA license and licensing process

Step by Step Guide for Scheduling MOH Test on Prometric


List of documents generally required for MOH, HAAD and DHA license application are:

For general practitioners:

  • Basic medical qualification degree/diploma and transcript
  • One year Internship certificate
  • License/registration certificate from home country or country of last employment
  • Good standing certificate from health authority of home country or country of last employment
  • 2 year work experience certificate

For specialists (additional qualification diploma/degree/certificate)

For full detail about documents, eligibility criteria, and other licensing procedure following documents m must be read

For HAAD license 

For DHA license

For MOH license

Postgraduate Medical Education

Gulf Medical University offers several master degree courses into administrative and medical research areas. Also College of Medicine and Health Sciences of University of Arab Emirates offer graduate courses for health professionals.

Emirates Medical Association regularly conducts Continuous Medical Education (CME) programs for doctors and other health professionals.

For continuing medical Education and professional development HAAD conducts regular courses, lectures, seminars and conferences to enhance knowledge of health professionals. CME activities by HAAD can be found here       

Apart from DHA license services for medical professionals DHA also offers some continuous medical education opportunities which can be registered for here  


Dubai Health Regulatory Authority

Health Authority of Abu Dhabi

Ministry of Health of UAE

College of Medicine and Health Sciences of University of Arab Emirates

Gulf Medical University

Emirates Medical Association


81 thoughts on “United Arab Emirates

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      Yes u can join if u meet eligibility criteria
      here u can find detailed criteria and information. http://www.residencydatabase.com/wp-content/uploads/2015/06/Healthcare-Professionals-Qualification-Requirements-By-MOHHAADDHA.pdf
      foreign medical graduates who have residence id card there in UAE (usually those who live there with families they have it) if they studied from abroad they can still take DRTP or Tanseeq exam. but obviously preference will be given to UAE nationals

  1. Anwar

    What if somebody have completed internship before graduation, in china mbbs is now six years and last one year is for internship, without completing one year internship they dont give mbbs diplom , so if i want to apply for residency, is my one year internship before graduation will be acceptable or again i have to do one year internship after graduation?

  2. ahmed

    this means that only GCC nationals, UAE nationals, resident in UAE can only apply for residency….
    IMG outside GCC can apply or not,, no residency in UAE even no spouse their so cannit have ID??? is tgere any chance or firget this road

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      IMGs can apply but chances of getting them are less due to shortage of seats. but they can apply and some of them do get seat there. so always apply

  3. Asad

    Very helpful guide.
    Is the residency paid? And what is the monthly pay during residency training? I’m currently doing my MBBS from Lahore, Pakistan and wish to move to Dubai permanently along with my family post-mbbs. It’d be great if you could guide me. Thanks!

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      residency is paid. but you have to go there first and get residency permit there first. and you cannot support your family on residency pay. you need a job for that

  4. Faiqa

    Asalamualaikum..i’m a little confused about licencingand residency program..i understand that residency has allocated a number of seats with preference uae nationals…so God forbid if i dont get a seat in the program i’ve applied for, do i need to go thru the procedure of getting a licence and appear for another exam-prometric (for Dha)..and yes Jezzakallah for this website..truly helpful..

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      license exam is just for your license to practice as GP or as specialist in UAE. residency is postgraduate training program. SO both are different in UAE. if you pass license exam. you wont need to sit again for it even if you dont get any seat in residency

  5. Nisa Haider

    Hey, I have recently passed my DHA exam and have a license, will I b except from emtrex exam? And how can I apply if I have a license.

  6. Zarak khan

    Thank you so much for creating a helpfull web page . can you please tell me more about exemption, as a friend told me that USMLE is given preference and passing step 1 & 2 exempts from written test but you need to appear for interview . I need your opinion in this regard.

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      yes you will be exempted if you have both parts already cleared. But for license exam i will suggest you to take the exam. its not so difficult. We also provide documentation and processing service for UAE. If interested please send us detailed query on residencydatabase@hotmail.com

  7. Areeba Nisar

    can you tell me which hospitals are accepting USMLE in UAE? and which as accepting just step 1 and step 2CK?

  8. Abderrahim


    I would like to know if person’s who have residence ID in dubai are preffered to the one that have not??


  9. Gyan Prakash Bhatt

    I’m Dr. Gyan Prakash Bhatt, all the way from Nepal. I have done MBBS from Nepal with 1 year internship followed by 4 years of clinical experience as medical officer. i have also completed MD in Internal Medicine which is 3 year training course, 1.5 years back from Nepal. Currently I’m working as a consultant physician in a private hospital in Nepal. I’m planing to work in UAE. what kind of registration I’m eligible for? may i apply for r specialist registration with above qualification from Nepal if does this MD Medicine qulification give me any additional benefits?

    I have seen that if one has done USMLE part III he can be exempt form assessment procedure. Is this the usmle STEP 3 exam or USMLE CS exam ? since I have already passed USMLE step 1 and step 2 CK, i can plan for step 2 CS.

    It is really difficult to open certain websites regarding licensing procedure so i could not gather enough information about licensing for foreign medical graduates. If answers to all these questions are not possible could you please give me email contacts where i can contact to get such information. Thank you.

  10. Sumayya Hafeez

    I’m from India .i’ll get my mbbs degree after completion of my internship.i.e may 2017.Will I be eligible for 2017 january exam if I submit a written document from my college regarding completion of my internship?

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      you need atleast 2 year of experience after internship to be eligible for registration/license exam. but for residency exam you can apply there by going there first and getting residence permit.

  11. sara lil

    is it possible for some one who is resident in his country to transfer and finish his residency in dubai?

  12. atp1

    I want to apply for residency in Dubai.
    I know I need to sit the Tanseeq exam but I can’t seem to find any information on the exam prep. material, or any sample questions ,examples..etc etc.Please advice and give me some places(websites ) where I can get information about it.Does anyone has similar experiences?

  13. dr sumeet

    Hello there.
    I am very thankfull to you. i got alot of knowledge here.
    but i just want to know. what books we should go through. i recently sit in mrcp part1.is that preparation is sufficient?
    kindly guide.

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      it depends on which exam you are gonna sit for. Moh, DHA or HAAD? MRCP part 1 preparation is sufficient for HAAD but not for other two.

  14. Hamza khan

    I am in final year MBBS from jaipur. Plz tell if I can take drtp or haad exam next year in my internship as I can appear for neet.
    If not then where can I get the info. About exam details about dates pattern n practice test. Test centers. Plz let me know

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      well we also provide service for documentation and registration of haad, dha and moh exam. but since you dont have internship or two year working experience unfortunately you cannot apply for haad

  15. Abdul-Kabir Yahya Imam

    Salaam admin, I am a final year student of dentistry here in Nigeria and I want to come for my residency program in Dubai, how feasible is that??? Thank…

  16. Zhmana

    I am graduated as medical doctor from Kabul medical university. After about two year working in public hospitals I entered to gyanocology training program which designed for Afghan medical graduates in Afghanistan for four years. Now I decided to complete this training in Dubai where my family are living as residents. Is there any chance for me to complete gyanocology training speciality in Dubai. I am looking any possible way. Please advise me. Thanks

  17. Zhmana

    I am graduated as medical doctor from Kabul medical university. After about two year working in public hospitals I entered to gyanocology training program which designed for Afghan medical graduates in Afghanistan for four years. Now I decided to complete this training in Dubai where my family are living as residents. Is there any chance for me to complete gyanocology training speciality in Dubai. I am looking any possible way. Please advise me.

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      You have to apply and pass Dubai training residency examination but foreign graduates rarely get any spot due to shortage of places. Also you can pass DHA exam for licensing there in dubai and then try to get place in a teaching hospital if you get any chance.

  18. Dr. Preeti

    Hi…I have finished Diploma in Obstetrics and Gynecology in India in 2006. I am doing private practice and factory medical officer job since last 10 years. Am I eligible for GP or Specialist license? I have read that for specialist I need to have MS or MD or DNB. Can my expirience be counted instead of degree?

  19. sumera

    Hi I want to join residency in internal medicine. .,is there is any exemption for mrcp & when next exam will held for 2017

  20. Nazrah Shabbir

    Aoa….just wanted to know tat after mbbs program we have to pass Dha n then will be able to work as GP……for post graduation Dha is also required or not??????

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      yes you need two year of post house job / internship experience to be eligible for exam of DHA and then you can get license and work in it

  21. Chimdi Nkire

    I graduated in 2014 in Nigeria, finished house job in august 2015, and have been working as a medical officer since sept 2015
    1. When can I write the DHA exam?
    2. Does GP mean the same as medical officer?
    3. How easy is it to get spots as a non specialist in Dubai?
    4. What is the current lowest monthly take home (after tax) pay/salary for non specialists in Dubai?

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      1. You can apply for exam only after two year of post house job experience (so from sept 2017(
      2. GP is medical officer
      3. If you pass the exam you can get job with some search
      4. Current salary can vary from 15000 AED till 20000 AED. it depends on the offer you get

  22. Sanderwin

    Hello Junaid Khan, thankyou for being very cooperative, i’m a graduate from KSA currently doin my internship, i want to appply for Residency program in dubai or abudhabi, and i have ID and visa in emirates, i read about the exams i found out they have one pre-entry exam and accordingly the applicants will be assigned for whatever city they’ve chosen, but for my case how can i verify my papers and certificates? and what r the deadlines? i checked DHA frequently asked questions file they wrote we have to register in april and do exam in june ! i didnt get that part which exam ? and where can i find further information regarding dubais program, i searched alot but couldnt file the source of the files which u put in the post. because these files r for 2010 and earlier.


      1. Sanderwin

        okay so i should register there and examine, do u know the sources? and also regarding the application to the programs when r the deadlines for each program, any idea ? because i have to prepare my papers from the ministry of KSA and UAE.

        and Thankyou very much for answering.

  23. Haleema

    Hey. I am from Pakistan studying dentistry. After completion I want to go to uae. Do I have to do housejob from here? And after doing housejob can I apply for residency program and what is the procedure. Do I need 2 year experience beside the internship? What are the tests required and when are they held. Details please

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      You can do internship even from UAE. But u will have to pay fee for that. you can do it from any good teaching hospital in UAE.

      Also u need to sit for this exam once u r in UAE and have your residence visa over there.

      2 year experience is required only for working as specialist or general practitioner. once you get two year experience and wish to take licensing exam (to work as GP or dental surgeon in UAE) contact us on residencydatabase@hotmail.com

      1. Haleema

        I am sorry I didn’t understand. I have to pay for the internship? Don’t they pay you when you do internship like in PAK. And which test will I have to give and do I have to give it before my internship or during it? And in which month can I apply and how. Can I apply in all Emirates? sorry for alot of questions. You’re the first person I have come across that’s helping me

  24. Dr Aradhana Deka

    Hi, I have completed my MD in Pathology this year from India and planning to shift to UAE. I have gone through HAAD website and has come to know that in order to get appear for HAAD licence one need to have atleast 3 years experience. My husband is presently working in UAE and i wish to join him there as soon as possible. Is there any way i can get a job there?


    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      you can apply as General Practitioner at this stage and later once you get desired experience there after finding job you can upgrade your license as Pathologist. If you want our professional service for application or documentation. Write us on residencydatabase@hotmail.com

  25. Rosa

    Hello, I am from Afghanistan. I finished Obs&gynea specializing in my country. I am in Dubai right now and I have residence visa & ID. I would like to work in Dubai as a Obs&gynea specialist. Which requirement I need to work here? Please give me your nice advice. Thanks Rosa

  26. anshiya

    thanks a lot for this site..it is very useful..
    i just need to confirm some doubts.. please help.

    please comment on the difference between HAAD, DHA exams and emstrex exam ..

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      HAAD, DHA and MOH exams are for Licensing (to work as General practitioner or specialist in UAE). HAAD is for Abu Dhabi and Al Ain, DHA is for Dubai and MOH is for rest of the states of UAE.
      Exmstrex is residency entrance exam. and once you pass it you can be allotted residency place.


      Team RD

  27. Haythem

    I am about to complete my house job and im living in saudi arabia how many chances are for me to get selected in residency program and also can u tel me if i pass the license exam how much salary wil they give i just want to have an idea about it…also can u sugest that what kind of exam pattern is being followed for licensed exam and residency

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      For License you should have atleast two year of clinical experience as medical officer or GP to sit for exam
      For residency exam you can take once you have residence permit (emirate id) in UAE. it depends on empty spot. But preference is given to UAE nationals

  28. Muhammad Jamiu

    Salam alaikum,Please I have the fellowship of the West African College of Physicians (FWACP) anatomic pathology in my second year post qualification. Can you advice me as regards the easiest of the HAAD, HAD or MOH licence I can apply for as a specilist. Do I need to sit for any exam. How readily available is anatomic pathologist post in the Emirates.

  29. Maria

    I am a doctor from Pakistan. After completing MBBS,I came to US. I am done with the USMLE steps1&2 and am planning to take step 3 as well. I haven’t done house job in Pakistan nor do I have any work experience from the US. If I were to practice medicine in UAE what exams do I need to take and do I need the house job and 2 year post house job experience.
    Thank you.

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      House job and post house job experience is for license to work in UAE as GP. It is not required for residency training. for residency you need to take exam

  30. Aisha

    Hello Junaid,
    How is the fee structure for doing residency in abudhabi ??Is there any stipend for the residents??
    Hope you will reply soon..

  31. Mj

    Hey, I have completed my MBBS and 1 year of housejob, am I eligible for dha exam for residency in internal medicine or I need 2 years of experience?

  32. Amr Badr

    Hey, I hold a bachelor degree in dentistry and I’ve just completed my internship. I’m looking forward to join a residency program in the UAE. But, I don’t see any “dental” programs offered at DRTP or TANSEEQ! All specialties are for medical doctors only. So, can you please guide me to any dental residencies within the UAE?

    Many thanks for the very helpful post.

  33. JAI

    i am a studying for mbbs in UAE itself . So after completing my graduation and internship will i need work experience to work as GP.

  34. Omokaro

    I am a Consultant Family Physician with 12 years post fellowship of West African College of Physicians.
    I am interested in working in Dubai, what do i need to do.
    Thanks for this helpful

  35. Mohammed

    Hello Junaid, I’m a recent mbbs graduate from India. I want to know what are my options for working in the U.A.E with my step 1 usmle scores? I’m considering both clinical and teaching.

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      Step 1 doesnt exempt u from UAE licensing or residency exam u have to sit for UAE Exam or fulfil exemption criteria mentioned there in the post and in PQR

  36. Muhammad subhan

    Asalam o alaikum Junaid Bhai
    Very thankful to u for this cooperative behavior.
    I’m doing MBBS from Lahore Pakistan. I’m concerned to do USMLE step 1 and 2.
    What is the procedure and criteria for residency in UAE after clearing step 1 and 2. Will I need to pass license exam for dubi also or not.
    Kindly clearify the next procedures regarding practice in UAE .
    Will I need to do 2 years experience even after clearing step 1 and 2
    Kindly reply
    Jazak Allah

  37. mohin

    hello assalam .I am confused about emstrex exam . can you tell me what’s difference between Dubai Residency Programs ?

    1. Junaid Khan Post author

      Emstrex is general residency exam and Dubai residency program is actually training program in dubai after passing EMstrex u can apply for DRTP


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